Few words about Viglatores

Purpose of our missions abroad:

• promotion and spreadingof traditions, morals and customs of Crete
• ethical, socialand spiritual development of our members by getting in touch with different cultures and civilizations
• maintaining links between Greeks who live abroad with the Greek culture and heritage
• building strong friendly relations of solidarity and cooperation between our group and our hosts
• opening of communication channels, which helps members discover similarities and differences in everyday life, spiritual and cultural traditions.
• future hospitality of representative missions and individual travelers, which seals interpersonal relationships


Representative dancing groups of our association have been invited and accommodated abroad several times:


  • Spring 2011, in Cyprus invited by the “Cultural Association Athanasia”
  • February 2012, in New York, U.S.A., invited by the female division of the Cretan Brootherhood of Brooklyn.
  • February 2013, in Stuttgart, Germany, invited by “Pontiaki Estia”. Twinning Protocol was signed.
  • March 2013, in Larnaca, Cyprus, invited by the dancing school “Perkallos”.
  • June 2013, in Milos , Cuclades, for the celebration of the “Holy Spirit” invited by the Branded Cultural Association.
  • July 2013, in Breden, Belgium for the 10th Summer Festival “Yamas”.
  • December 2013, in Leucosia, Cyprus, invited by the Greek Ambassador in order to participate in the celebration ceremony of “100 years of the union of Crete with Greece”.
  • June 2014 for the second time, in Milos , Cuclades, for the celebration of the “Holy Spirit” invited by the Branded Cultural Association.
  • July 2014, once more in Cyprus, invited by the “Cultural Group Kofinou” February 2015, in Stockholm, Sweden, for the 2ndGrekland Panorama exhibition.
  • March 2015, in New York, U.S.A., invited by the female division of the Cretan Brootherhood of Brooklyn.
  • February 2016, in Munich, Germany invited by the “Cretan Association of Munich”
  • December 2016, in Australia, invited by the Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria to celebrate “60 years of the Cretan Brotherhood”. Twinning Protocol was signed.
  • February 2018, in Stuttgart, Germany, invited by “Pontiaki Estia” for the anniversary of the five-year Τwinning, and in Munich, Germany invited by the president of the World Cretan Council Kugiumutzis Manolis.
  • June 2019, in Springfield, Massachusetts invited by Minos- Crete the Cretan Association of Springfield to participate in 46th PAA National Convention.
  • September 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey escort of the Patriarch Holy Metropolis of Kidonia and Apokoronou to the Ecumenical Patriarchate and dinner at sea at the Bosporus.
  • December 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey, We accompanied the ordination of the new Bishop of Dorylaeum, Mr. Damaskinos and to the following dinner, which took place at the sea in the Bosporus.

The program presented in missions abroad includes Cretan traditional dances and also popular dances from all over Greece.

In Chania, Crete, our dancing program is presented almost every day in a wide range of events:

• Theatrical Performance https://www.chania-culture.gr/
• Traditional Wedding events and Baptisms
• Cultural and Charity event http://www.botanical-park.com/
• Caldera group hotels http://www.calderabeachhotel.com/
• Avra Imperial hotel http://www.avraimperial.gr/
• Atlantica Kalliston Resort https://www.atlanticahotels.com/
• Iolida group hotels https://www.smilehotels.gr/

The program in Crete divided into three parts. The following dances are presented:

First Part Second Part Third Part
1. Glikomilitsa
2. Agaliastos
3. Xenompasaris
4. Ntournerakia
5. Priniotis
6. Mikro - mikraki
7. Stavrotos syrtos
8. Palaios horos maleviziou
9. leivadiwtikos
10. Lasithiotikos pidihtos
11. Ethianos pidihtos
12. Rodo
13. Roumatiani sousta
14. Apanomeritis
15. Anogianos pidihtos
16. Trizalis
17. Koutsabadianos
18. Pentozali
19. Lazotis
20. Gergianos pidihtos
21. Siganos Rethimnou
22. Zervodeksios

Brief explanation of all dances is provided as well as teaching of the following dances to the guests «Sirtos», «Zervodeksios», «Balos», «Sousta» and «Zorbas» active participation of them.

Small break until dancers change their costumes.

23. Chaniotikos syrtos
24. Kastrinos pidihtos or Maleviziotis
25. Sousta Rethimnou
26. Zorbas