Selected Activities of Viglatores


New Year 2020 Event



Viglatores in Ecumenical Patriarchate (Constantinople)


Botanical Park in Chania - June 2018

Presentation-History of Traditional Dances and Instruments

Every Monday - 8 p.m. The whole summer


Invitation from the 46th Congress of the Pan-Cretan Union of America

Springfield MA - USA - June 27 / July 5, 2019


Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of our Association

On Sunday, March 24, at 12 noon, at the cosmopolitan center "Eftychia palace", in Rapaniana, Kolymvari, the annual event took place, in the context of the celebrations of 10 years since the founding of our association.

Dance was presented by all the groups (200 dancers) of all the branches, but also by our honorary guests, the representative mission of the brother association "Pontian Union Stuttgart", which we hosted during this period.