Art of Dancing

Art of Dancing

With this DVD that served as a means of depicting the quality of our work, it was pointed out the projection of new purely new elements, innovations that give pulse and impetus to the evolution of tradition. This recording escaped the trivial, diversified and left its own mark.

A special moment was the collaboration with Manolis Fronimakis in the ascombandoura and the drumvoice + violin for the composition of beautiful and special melodies that adorned choreographies taken from a fairy tale. In addition, the presentation of the Pentozali dance by our men's representative group without the accompaniment of music was an addition, an option that highlights the synchronization of dancers' movements, which is achieved through "the floor" confirming the characterization of the dance as warlike.


Pidihtos of Mylopotamos or Anogianos Pidihtos


Ethianos Pidihtos


Gergianos Pidihtos

Roumatiani Soysta 


Siganos - Pentozali


Kastrinos Pidihtos- Maleviziwtis

Soysta Rethimnou







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