Vigla = standpoint, observatory
Viglatoras = aim, guard, especially one who is in a watchtower on a high position.

«Viglatores» of the past were warriors, 17 up to 50 years of age, well trained in the use of weapons, coming from wealthier families. They were chosen by the elders of their villages and their duty was to scout the horizon night and day, pointing out any potential risk. Using specific signals passed from one “vigla” to the next, they informed, in case of danger, both the central command of the army and the villagers. Over the years they adopted the surname «Viglis» or «Viglakis».

«Viglatores» of today is a Traditional Dance Association, founded in May 2009, having more than 200 active registered members. Chairman and dance teacher is Viglakis Iosif.

Basic purpose of the association is the conveying of dance tradition in its pure form, teaching 21 Cretan dances with historical approach and also dances from all over Greece. Faithful to local traditions and customs, we promote and defend with discipline values that have historically been recorded in the deeper meaning of our culture.